5 Reasons To Make Your Own Lip Balm

Hi everyone,

One question we hear a lot at Glossy Grin is “Why make your own lip balm?” This is a great question, and we want to give our customers five great answers:

No Dyes

Have you ever read through the list of dyes used in commercial lip balm? They typically have names like Red-5 or Yellow-2. There’s a good chance you don’t know what those dyes are made of, so do you really want to rub them on your mouth? Lots of us try to avoid artificial dyes, especially for the safety of our children. Making your own lip balm lets you avoid harmful dyes, and gives you the power to know how your balm is colored. Rather than commercial dyes, you can color your lip balm with beetroot powder or rose red mica powder. Now you don’t have to fear your cosmetics!

Natural Ingredients

Do you want to know a little known chemistry secret? The definition of organic means that carbon is present. Although you probably don’t know this, many corporations do, and they’ve been marketing unhealthy products with the name organic on them for years. Here’s another little chemistry lesson: every living thing on earth is made up of carbon. That’s right! As long as something was alive at one time, it’s organic. Anything you eat, whether it be a locally grown carrot or a potato chip, is organic. My point being, labels are deceiving. Making your own lip balm ensures that nothing is in there except for the natural, plant-based ingredients you want.

More Control/Variety

Not only can commercial lip balms be unhealthy, but they can lack variety. Lip balm exist so that you can look your best, so why not let yourself control the coloring of your lip balm. That way, your lip balm is personalized. Also, making your own lip balm allows you to use your favorite flavors such as peppermint, vanilla, and lemon myrtle. When you make your own lip balm, you control the look and flavor!

Unique Look

Like we said before, controlling the look and flavor of your lip balm is easy when you make it, but putting your balm in our Glossy Grin containers makes it even more unique. Who wants to carry around their make up in a silver tube when you can carry it around in a container that represents you? When you apply lip balm from our containers, you show your individuality and your peers will be impressed!

It’s Fun!

What would you rather do: shop in the lip balm aisle of the grocery store as your child is begging you to leave, or would you rather have fun making your own lip balm with your kid? One of the main reasons Glossy Grin was founded was to allow children to grow closer to the people who care about them. Nothing says fun like people who care about each other making special memories!

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