5 Things You Didn’t Know Your Lip Gloss Could Do!

Did you know that lip gloss isn’t just for your lips? Here are five amazing ways you can use your lip gloss differently:

Works perfectly for highlighting

Want to give your face a nice glow? Why not rub a little lip gloss on it? Due to its glossy nature, your lip gloss will reflect light and make you look like a model in a photoshoot. Plus, when you make your own lip gloss, you can either leave your hue clear or make it colorful; you can give yourself a pinkish or purplish glow! This will help people see the uniquely beautiful person you are!

Temporarily heals wounds

Suffering from a razor emergency? Try using your lip gloss! Due to its natural stickiness, lip gloss will give you enough time to find a bandaid before your situation goes from bad to worse. We all make mistakes, but luckily, lip gloss is there to save the day!

Helps eye shadow stick

Every princess wants their eye shadow to last through their dance with Prince Charming, and lip gloss is here to help! Not only can you give your eyelids a colorful hue, but when you add your eyeshadow on top of your lip gloss, the gloss helps hold it in place. Thanks to lip gloss, you can keep dancing!

Keeps your eyebrows in line

Do you want bold and beautiful eyebrows? Then it’s time to pull out your lip gloss! The honey that makes your homemade lip gloss sticky can also act as a gel for your eyebrows. Say goodbye to bushy brows by rubbing your lip gloss through your eyebrows!  

Holds back fly away hairs

Everyone has their bad hair days, that is, everyone who doesn’t have lip gloss! If you can’t get your hair to cooperate, then just gel it back with some lip gloss. Now you can say goodbye to fly away and baby hairs that ruin your look!

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