DIY Lip Balm: Your Back To School Blues Cure

There’s not too many things sadder than the beginning of September for children, and nothing more relieving to parents. Although it’s beneficial, school can be a difficult adjustment. Luckily, Glossy Grin is here to help!

2014 not only showed us the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi and The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, it showed us a greater emphasis on aromatherapy. Since then, there have been studies showing that essential oils can help prevent depression, anxiety, and stress.

So what does this have to do with your lip balm? The answer is, a lot. Chances are, you might not want to just make nude lip balm, and even if you do, you may want it to be scented or flavored. Glossy Grin has done some research, and we’ve found great essential oils to help you fight the back-to-school blues


This is probably the most common essential oil on the market. This nearly magical substance impacts the limbic system of the brain to calm stress. The limbic system is in control of emotions, so using lavender can help you become more emotionally stable.


This rose will help you push through your thorns. The scent of roses can impact your nervous system positively. This essential oil will help you calm down, and it can even help improve your self-esteem. 


This essential oil has been helping Buddists focus better during meditation for years, and it can also help you. Sandalwood is great for helping soothe anxiety, and it also has a positive effect on your sleep.


Need to chill out but you want to stay awake? Jasmine has a wonderful scent, and it can help calm your nerves without making you tired. You’ll be able to fly through your day as if you’re on a magic carpet. 

Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang works great to lower stress, anxiety, blood pressure, and heart rate levels. Like lavender, ylang ylang impacts the limbic system and helps you control of your emotions.

Whenever using essential oils, always be sure to dilute its potency with a carrier oil. The most popular carrier oil is coconut oil, but you can also use almond oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, and grapeseed oil. It is recommended that when diluting essential oils for adults, you add an ounce of carrier oil for every fifteen drops of essential oil. For children, you should use an ounce of carrier oil for every three to six drops of essential oil. Always make sure that your carrier oil is unrefined. 

September is an overwhelming month, but with these essential oils in your homemade lip balm, you’ll be better able to enjoy the transition from summer to fall. 


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