5 Ways to Use Your Homemade Lip Balm

Hi everyone,

There are many ways to use your homemade lip balm. Here are five great examples of how you can use your DIY lip balm:

Party Favors

Everyone loves party favors, especially when they’re as cool as homemade lip balm! Lip balm recipes typically make a lot of balm, and our containers are easy to buy in bulk. Your guest will appreciate your generosity and creativity. Spread joy by giving away something that improves someone’s smile!

Stocking Stuffers

It’s been said that the greatest gifts are the ones you make yourself, so why not give your homemade lip balm to loved ones for Christmas? Because our containers are small and inexpensive, they make perfect side gifts and stocking stuffers! Your lip balm will definitely make everyone’s holidays a bit merrier!

Baby Shower Gifts

It’s no secret that women love getting free make-up, especially when it’s healthy and safe to use. Baby showers are a perfect place to give away lip balm! Your friends will love your lip balm and they will love how personal your gift is. Make a new mother feel beautiful with your homemade lip balm.

Local Boutique’s and Fundraisers

Need something to sell at a local event? How about your homemade lip balm? It’s always more fun to sell something that you made and that is original to you. You’ll be able to stand out from the two-hundred bakers at your event. Plus, Glossy Grin’s lip balm containers are hot sellers. The only problem you’ll have selling your lip balm will be running out of inventory.

Personal Use

Who says you have to give away all of your lip balm? You know your lips best and you know what makes them stand out. Impressing others will not be a problem when you use your own lip balm.

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