Glossy Grin's Ready for 2020. Are You?

We know, five styles aren’t even close to enough, no matter how cute they are. That’s why we have 28 new styles (You read right, 28)! With these new styles comes five new variety packs. Interested? Keep reading to find amazing containers!

Stay in Style with this Season

It’s winter. The time of year with holidays, skiing, snowmen, and delicious treats! It’s also the season to buy these great Glossy Grin lip balm containers. It’s no secret that when your lip balm styles are in season, then you’re in style! 

Completely Unique Containers

Ever wanted a llamacorn or a cat mermaid? Probably not because you didn’t know about them, but you want them now don’t you? These containers are extremely fun and will help you stand out from the crowd. Enjoy our Under the Sea and Over the Rainbow variety packs!

New Animals and Birds!

Don’t like Owls or Penguins? What about Narwhals? Cows? Pandas? Flamingos? After searching through our products, we’re sure that we have the perfect animal container for you! We've also added a new variety pack, Flock Together, featuring new containers of flamingos and lovebirds.



New Foods and Desserts

Didn’t want just cupcakes and pink donuts? There’s more variety among food as well with Glossy Grin’s great styles for 2020. Not only are there pineapples and popsicles, but there are now five new styles of donuts!


Want to Skip Over Winter & Spring and Just Get to Summer? We Can Help with That.

The smell of freshly cut grass and chlorine from swimming pools, watching children get out of school, and barbecues define the best time of year! Going back to school and putting on a sweater is pretty sad compared to the joy of those three great months, so Glossy Grin wanted to help remind you of summer. Any sun lover will love our summer variety pack, featuring popsicles, sneakers, pineapples, mermaid tales, flamingos, and cacti.

Start the decade off right with amazing style choices! Glossy Grin is excited to see you in 2020!

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