Golden Slumbers Smell Like Lavender: Essential Oils that help you Sleep

Whether you’re a skeptic of aromatherapy or not, there’s no doubt that scents affect the brain. Smell is one of our five senses, and it’s meant to help us process the information around us. There are many nostalgic scents, such as the smell of burgers on a grill, freshly mowed grass, or the smell of rocks after rain. Disneyland has used scents to make you remember the park with fondness, such as the seawater smell in the Pirates of the Carribean ride, the pepper plants next to the Indiana Jones ride, and the smell of turkey legs and churros around the park.

Like scents that create nostalgia, there are scents that can get you to fall asleep faster. These scents act as sedatives, sending messages to the brain and telling it to relax. It’s nice to have auroma’s that can help you fall asleep, and now they’re easier to apply than ever. Here are four great sedative essential oils for your homemade lip balm:


The most popular essential oil on the market, lavender is great for curing stress and improving sleep. Lavender is used to cure anxiety, depression, and insomnia. It’s amazing scent will relax the mind and give you the healthy sleep that you deserve.


What’s better than coming home from a long day and smelling fresh baked cookies? Vanilla has a lot to do with the smell of these tasty desserts. This nostalgic aroma is great for curing insomnia. It brings comfort to your mind and even helps lower blood pressure.


Bergamot is amazing at curing insomnia. Known for its calming abilities, this scent triggers the brain, telling it to lower the heart rate and lower blood pressure. Bergamot is also great at curing stress and anxiety. 


Cedarwood essential oil contains cedrol, a substance known to have sedative effects. Cedarwood is also known to help keep you asleep for longer, helping you avoid waking up in the middle of the night.

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