How to Look Like A Celebrity with Your DIY Lip Gloss

Lip Gloss is driving its way from the 90’s to today, and it’s coming back big! For the last twenty years, lipstick has been the leading trend in lip coloring and style, but like denim skirts and Nirvana band t-shirts, lip gloss is making a resurgence. Here at Glossy Grin, we want to prepare your make-up for the fall and winter. We also want to give you tips on how to make your own trendy DIY Lip Gloss.

Gothic Lip Gloss is Back

This was a huge trend in the late 80’s when bands like Depeche Mode, The Cure, and The Smiths ruled the airwaves. The trend lived through the 90’s grunge era as well with bands like Nirvana, Soundgarden, and Smashing Pumpkins. Even though most of these bands are long gone, their trends are not. Recently, the Kardashian sisters have brought this old school craze back with Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kit color True Brown. Although True Brown is a lipstick, Hollywood has embraced the dark lip gloss with colors like black, mahogany, and maroon. Best of all, it’s easy to make these lip glosses from your home! Rather than using just beetroot powder for a coloring agent, you can use cocoa powder to add a bit more darkness into your lip gloss. Stay on top with this trendy and chic look, and use your homemade lip gloss!

Nude Lip Gloss Has Dominated for the last Two Years

Possibly the biggest reason lip gloss has made a comeback is because lip gloss gives off the illusion that your lips are fuller than they really are. One trend that’s been on top is the Nude Lip Gloss shade. All a Nude Lip Gloss will do is make your lips look fuller, and it’s really started to catch on with celebrities and models. To make this trend even more awesome, this is a really good DIY Lip Gloss make; all you need to do is melt beeswax pellets and shea butter together in a microwave. This gloss style will help draw attention to your lips without making you look too flashy. Nude Lip Gloss is good for all seasons and styles, just like our adorable lip gloss containers.

Big Red Lips are Timeless

Red will never go out of style. Period. This shade of lip gloss and lip stick has worked since your Grandmother was a teenager, and it’s not going out anytime soon. The reason why: it will practically go with anything. Whether you’re wearing a summer dress or a t-shirt, a choker or a necklace, a mid-drift or a sweater, red lips will compliment your outfit. When making your red homemade lip gloss, you have so much variety as far as ingredients are concerned. You can use beetroot powder, cranberry juice, or even Kool Aid. The more coloring you add, the more red your lips will be. You might not be as lucky betting on red in Vegas, but you’ll never be wrong sporting red lip gloss.

Metallic Lip Gloss is Incredibly Chic

Metallic lip gloss has made a huge impact on 2019’s formal wear. From ballroom dancing to being married, Metallic Lip Gloss will drive your look to a new level. All you’ve got to do is add glitter to your DIY lip gloss. If your trying to wear this look with something formal, then try not to be too over the top with your glitter. Adding pigments of silver glitter or gold to your homemade lip gloss will help your lips reflect your natural red along with some shiny colors to compliment it. This lip gloss will work great for prom, ballroom dances, and even your wedding day.

Lipstick works well in the summer, but nothing works better than lip gloss in the fall, winter, and spring, especially your own DIY Lip Gloss. Lip Gloss will help hydrate your lips and give them a fuller look, and we hope that with these style tips, you’ll be able to look chic and trendy in today’s world with your homemade lip gloss. 

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