How to Properly Use a Double Boiler

Double boiling is a method of cooking that works great for making lip balm. It eliminates the need for a microwave to melt beeswax pellets and it’s not hot enough to damage your materials. In fact, many great lip balm recipes recommend you use a double boiler, but do you know how to? If not, you’ve come to the right place! Glossy Grin is ready to give you some amazing tips and tricks to improve your lip balm making.

1: Assemble Your Double Boiler

If you’ve bought an actual double boiler, then you should see a big pot with a bowl. The bowl should sit on top of the pot, allowing the bowl to stay off the bottom of the pan. Occasionally, a kit will come with a lid for the bowl, but you won’t need to put that on for lip balm making. 

However, for those who don’t have a double boiler kit, you can still use this method. All you have to do is find a heat-resistant bowl that can sit on the lip of the pan. As long as the bowl is a few inches from the bottom of the pan, you’ve got a nice double boiler.

2: Cut Up Your Beeswax

If your beeswax is already in pellets, then you can skip this step. As for everyone else, a double boiler doesn’t have a lot of cooking power, that’s why it cooks slowly and is perfect for melting ingredients. One excellent method is to grate your beeswax; this will make it small and easy to melt.

3: Pour the Water In and Bring it to a Simmer

Have you ever boiled something and had water gushing out the sides of your lid? For a double boiler, the last thing you want to have is a shaking bowl with water gushing out of the sides. It’s recommended that you fill your pot with around two-inches of water, although this measurement will depend on the size of your double boiler. A double boiler cooks through steam, so make sure that you leave enough room between the bowl and the water for steam to rise. Don’t let the water level be too low either. The longer you let your water cook, the less there will be. If the water levels get too low, you’ll end up only cooking your pan.

Try the best you can to get the water levels right the first time, but if you recognize that something’s wrong, you can increase and decrease the water amounts as you go.

Double boiler does not mean that your water should boil! If it does start to boil, then your bowl will shake. Instead, let the water simmer.

Melt Ingredients Together:

If your using your double boiler for making lip balm, then you should melt your beeswax and shea butter together. Make sure to stir every once in a while to spread the heat and speed up the process. It is also at this moment that you can put your diluted essential oils and coloring in.

Pour the Mixture into a Container and Wait:
Your homemade lip balm will still be hot, so let it settle in your Glossy Grin containers. After an hour of cooling, your DIY lip balm should be ready for use. 

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