About Us

Our founder, Amber Anderson, sought for lip balm that she and her daughters could use. Her daughters have many allergies, so she wanted to find lip balm that was rid of certain substances. However, due to the harmful chemicals used in commercial lip balm, Amber struggled to find a safe solution to her problem. That’s when she realized that she could be her own solution. She could make her own lip balm.

She was able to go online and find amazing recipes that were simple and healthy. Her lip balm was great, but she wanted to better display it. All the empty lip balm containers she could find were basic and bland. That’s when she made Glossy Grin, a site where you can buy cute lip balm containers to preserve your own lip balm. 

Glossy Grin is the perfect place for mothers and daughters to shop for lip balm containers. We want to make our containers as original and unique as the lip balm you make. For all the mothers out there who want to keep their children safe from harmful chemicals in commercial lip balm, Glossy Grin is the perfect solution to your problem!